Hello everyone! I’m Lauren. But to properly introduce myself, there are a few things you need to know about me. First, I’m a recovering alcoholic. It took me a long time to realize and accept that about myself, but here we are and that’s what this blog is about. More importantly though, I’m a loving dog mom, a veterinary assistant, a student, a girlfriend, sometimes a writer, a Star Wars nerd, a fan of naps, a coffee-addict, a friend, and a whole slew of other things.

I’m writing this blog for myself, but if it helps one other person in the mean time, that’s great. This blog is a journey of my recovery from alcoholism. It’s a lot of me getting things out that I’ve held in for years, making sense of my addiction to alcohol and where it stemmed from, and a lot of just train of thought writing that I’m slapping down on the keyboard.

If you’re reading this, maybe it’s your own recovery or struggle with alcohol that led you here. And I commend you for that. I am by no means a professional when it comes to sobriety. I’m just another person in recovery documenting my thoughts, feelings, and actions during it.

Most of the pictures I will use are going to be of me drunk, in the middle of a binge, hungover, etc. Some of the pictures are just images I’ve googled that seemed relevant to what I was writing about. If the picture is of me, I own it. If it’s not of me, it’s someone else’s and I’m just borrowing it.

If you are looking to get sober or are already in recovery and need a sober friend, don’t hesitate to reach out to me. Sobriety can be lonely, but there are plenty of people in recovery that are available for support, me being one of them.


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